Monday, February 2, 2009

Dakota Fanning

Note to Dakota Fanning:
We all know you are an amazing actress.  At the tender age of eight you were nominated for a SAG award.  Apparently you are talented beyond your years in the realms of fashion as well.  The above picture shows what you wore to the recent Westwood premiere of your film Push.  I love it.  It is a sophisticated hue, but a youthful silhouette.  It shows that you are growing up, but you are still dressed like a teenager would (if she had your budget and movie premieres to go to).  I love the dress, I love the shoes, and your natural makeup and relaxed hair keep your look youthful.  

Note to Readers:
I don't know how you are all feeling, but I am beyond tired of seeing teenage starlets looking like they are forty.  If you are in your teens, you should not wear anything that requires double-stick tape. It seems like child stars who try to transition to a more mature career, feel the need to completely push the envelope to show everyone they are not little kids anymore.  Also, this applies to everyone, but it seems the young stars are frequently offenders in this category... do not leave the house without underwear on, ok?  I appreciate Dakota's more mature look, but even more I appreciate that she did not take the look too far.


Katherine Fajen said...

She looks adorable, I couldn't agree with you more. She is growing up into a very pretty girl!

Ash and Christian said...

"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds... Lucy Diamond Dawson"

Hyo said...

I love Dakota Fanning. And I do hope that she doesn't lose her classiness and style.