Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hey-hey, you-you

Note to Avril:
Recently a reader contacted me and asked me to write about your style.  When I started looking for current photos of you, this is the kind of thing I found.  Honestly, I do not know where to start.  Really, from head to toe, you need some help.  I understand you want to look edgy, and show of your punk-rocker style, so I don't really understand where the bouffant and the hot pink pumps fit in.  Maybe rock some cigarette-leg jeans (J Brand are my personal favorite) with a neon tank and a shrunken motorcycle jacket. That is an edgy look, that does not include mismatched black and hot pink prints.  Seriously, you are making your look way too complicated. (Insert song joke here)  

Note to Readers:
Did you know that Avril has her own clothing line?  Really, I can't make this stuff up.  This goes to show you, you shouldn't go out and buy something from a celebrity clothing line just because you like her songs (or movie, or TV show... you get the point).  Make sure you really look at a piece of clothing, for the garment itself, not the name on a label.  Celebrity lines, are not all bad, like Sarah Jessica Parker's line or The Row from the Olsen Twins.  However, you should not buy something because you like the celeb, because more often than not the clothing is overpriced and under-designed.

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