Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anything but Slumming

Note to Freida Pinto:
All eyes are on you these days. Your new movie Slumdog Millionaire is taking awards season by storm.  I admit, I have yet to see it, but it is on the tip top of my list.  What I want to talk to you about is your recent red carpet appearances... you are radiant.  This RM by Roland Mouret dress fits you perfectly, and the color is breathtaking with your complexion.  You are new to the whole awards show thing, but judging by the award in your hand, and your composure on the red carpet, you may be a natural.  

Note to Readers:
Freida is an excellent example of wearing color to complement your skin tone.  In order to do this, you must be honest with yourself.  For example, I know that in the summer yellow and white nicely pair with my sun-kissed complexion.  In the winter however, those hues make me look washed out.  You and your mirror are responsible for your color selection, if you think it may not be right for you, it probably is not.  

Reader Gel-Oh, mother of one of my closest and most fashionable friends, recently asked me to write about fashion for those over fifty.  I urge you, along with everyone else to embrace color in your wardrobe.  The right colors can make your skin pop, and can invigorate your appearance.  Just make sure, with the colors you wear and the silhouettes of your clothing you do not look like you are shopping in the pre-teen section of the store.  No bubble-gum pink and glitter, actually that rule goes for anyone over the age of seven.

A couple of the posts below (The Bachelor and Sundance) have new pictures.  You ask, I deliver.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh Jessica...

Note to Jessica Simpson:
A lot has been said recently about your appearance at last Sunday's Radio 99.9 Kiss Country's Chili Cookoff.  I agree with your sister Ashlee, people do need to stop talking about your weight.  Let's face it, maybe you have gained a couple of pounds, but you still look great and you definitely look healthy and happy.  Your outfit, however is not doing you any favors.  The wrong clothing can make anyone look bad.  You just need to spend less time talking about Tony Romo, and more time talking to your stylist.

Note to Readers:
Most of us deal with weight issues at some point in our lives.  The way you dress can make you look thinner, more curvy, taller, more petite... you name it, there is a way to dress for it.  Basically, if you are self conscious about your tummy and hips, DO NOT wear high waisted jeans with your top tucked in.  These pants draw attention right to your hips and abs, when you are trying to divert the eye from them.  Also, if your arms are not quite as toned as they used to be, do not wear a tank top!  There are a multitude of fabulous tops right now, in all different colors and shapes, all of them with sleeves.  None of us have perfect figures, you just need to know how to dress to make it appear that way. Email me if you want me to write about any specific concerns.  Have a lovely day, and thanks for reading.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Bachelor

Note to Shannon on The Bachelor:
Last night, we saw Jason did not give you a rose.  No offense, but after the outfits you were wearing this season, I would not have given you one either.  In the last episode alone you wore a leopard and red satin bustier, and for the rose ceremony you wore what looked like a beach cover up, but with heels and an updo?  I wish I could have found a photo of either of the looks.  Here is the thing, you are a pretty girl, with a great smile.  You just need to fine tune your wardrobe a little bit.  I am sorry you did not get a rose though, getting rejected on national TV is something no one should have to endure.

Note to Readers:
What we can learn from Shannon, is you do not have to overtly flaunt your assets.  In the dress she wore in the above photo, Jason could not keep his eyes off her chest, and really can you blame him?  There are more tasteful ways to highlight your figure, and they do not entail anything in satin or leopard.  

Also, since we are talking about The Bachelor, why do the girls always look like they just woke up or worked out whenever they are at the house and not going on a date with Jason.  Sure their date is not scheduled, but they know he is coming over to pick up the other girls for a date.  I do not think they have to be decked out all day everyday, but at least sometimes, put on a cute top and some jeans or something. Come on girls, out of the sweats, if you are going to play, play to win.

I got a photo of the aforementioned dress. Enjoy.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Note to Readers:
The following is a long article I wrote about my exciting times at the Sundance Film Festival. I was not commissioned to write an article about the event, but I wanted to anyway. So here it is, from me, to you, my loyal readers. Also, I think today we are going to hit 10,000 hits on this fashion blog, so thank you.

My Roller Coaster Relationship, With a Film Festival

I am one of those people. The kind of people that everyone makes fun of, when the Sundance Film Festival takes over Park City each January. I logged some serious hours up at the Festival, at parties, fashion shows, dinners, but I did not see one film. Not even a trailer. Don’t get me wrong, I did my research and had a list of films I wanted to see, September Issue was at the top of the aforementioned list, but I did not make it into the theater.

What was I doing instead? Well readers, sit back and relax as you hear a tale of my Sundance experience. It started out with an invitation to a private fashion show. (I will not put the designer’s name, and don’t worry I am doing that intentionally) Now, I was excited to go to the show, because I have an all-consuming love for fashion and some of the models with the agency I work with were in the show. The clothing however, not my personal favorite. Let’s just sum up the clothing with a quote from an observer, “It looks like the designer got inspiration from the tattoo machines at Walmart,” her words, not mine (although I agree with her).

Later in the evening, event organizers handed the models trash bags, and asked them to clean up the trash around the party. Seriously? I guess I’m not in LA anymore, but I’m pretty sure no matter where you are, models are hired to look pretty and make clothes look just as good. They are not hired to pick up half-finished drinks. After night one, Sundance and I were on the rocks.

The next night I was invited to a fabulous dinner, with fabulous food, and fabulous company. I guess Sundance was wooing me back. I was worried about what to wear to this dinner, but I selected, skinny J Brand Jeans, black boots, and a black sleeveless top with a Balenciaga-esque bow on one side, with a white long sleeve shirt underneath. Simple yet sophisticated, was the look I was going for.

I dined with Dree Hemingway, fast rising supermodel and granddaughter of Ernest, her charming booker Chris, Stacey and Shayna Eastman from Pulse Management and its partner Elite Modeling Agency. Yes, the Elite Modeling agency that has brought us everyone from Heidi Klum to Ali Stevens. Also at dinner was Wayne Sterling, a man who needs no introduction. (But in case you need one, basically he is to the modeling world what Anna Wintour is to Fashion) There were also people from the worlds of music, massage, and of course more from the world of modeling.

I sat through the decadent meal, enchanted with tales of demanding designers, first-rate fashion, and life in New York, Paris and LA, three of my favorite places. My only grievance from the night was apparently minutes before I arrived at the restaurant, John Krasinski (Jim from TV’s The Office), finished his meal and left. If only, I found parking faster, I could have caught a glimpse of him. My feelings for John were revealed in this post. After night two, Sundance and I were back on and better than ever.

The next night, I attended the Pulse Management/Elite Model Management private party, at new venue Downstairs on Main Street. The party was beyond expectation. Dree, whom I met at dinner the night before was there, along with Chris, and Wayne. Stacey Eastman, the host, was all over the party. Chatting it up with Elijah Wood, dancing with his wife, doing interviews, and pretty much making sure everything ran smoothly. Rest assured Stacey, everyone enjoyed the party, and judging by the masses lined up outside the venue, this party was the place to be.

(Beautiful Pulse/Elite Model Danielle and Me)

Throughout the evening, guests buzzed about who was in attendance. Some people were confirmed, others may have merely been rumors. I know for a fact, Calvin Klein was there, along with Perry Farrell from Jane’s Addiction, some of the Smashing Pumpkins, Ian Ziering, Emily Vancamp and Woody Harrelson. I heard Steven Spielberg was there, along with Colin Farrell, along with a lot of film execs, actors, and indie darlings. Fashion is my main interest, my memory gets a little fuzzy when it comes to film. Then, I heard someone was in attendance, and immediately I was on a quest to find him.

Generally if I encounter a celebrity (which in LA is inevitable), I mind my own business and allow him/her the same courtesy. However, when I heard Shaun White was at the party, I had to meet him. My normal rules of decorum were temporarily abolished. Turns out one of my new friends, was also friends with Shaun. This is Shaun White we are talking about here, Olympic Gold Medalist, back-to-back X-Games Superpipe Gold Medalist, pretty much the Anna Wintour of Snowboarding.

Upon our introduction, I had no idea what to say, so I blurted out, “Hey, The White Album is my favorite thing to watch before I go snowboarding.” (The White Album is Shaun’s epic snowboarding movie)

To which Shaun replied, “Oh thanks, you’ve actually seen it?” I guess a lot of people in the fashion/movie/model crowd at the party were not extreme sports aficionados.

“Yeah, I have two brothers, so I have seen a lot of those movies. The part with Jukebox Hero is my favorite,” I shouted in his ear, trying to be heard over the music and noise of the party.

“Wow, so you really have seen it,” he said impressed.

So, that was it, my conversation with Shaun White. Oh, I may have embarrassed myself and taken a photo with him too. I know, apparently when a professional snowboarder is present, I’m shameless.

The night continued with more dancing, and conversing, and a lot of photos. Note to self, having your photo taken surrounded by models, is not exactly the best way to boost one’s self esteem. Luckily, wearing Marc Jacobs patent platforms, puts me around the same height as them, so I had that going for me.

I left the party around three that morning, and Sundance and I not only on good terms, I was ready to say the “L” word. Yep, I love Sundance.

After my consecutive late nights, I took a couple off to recover and prepare for my next outing. I was asked to style the Danny Nappi fashion show, at a private party in a Park City mansion. After the last Sundance Fashion show debacle, I was a little hesitant about it. This time however, I knew I would love the clothes (Nappi makes some of the best jeans around), and since I assisted in the casting, I knew I loved the models-- who would not be multitasking as the cleanup crew.

Every detail about Nappi’s fashion show, reversed my opinion of Sundance Fashion Shows, formed a few nights earlier. The clothing looked fabulous on each model, the music was perfect, and the crowd loved it, both at 11 PM and again at 2:30 AM. Things backstage had potential to be chaotic, with models doing three or four changes each, but everything went smoothly. I was beyond pleased.

(Fashion Designer Danny Nappi and me)

So, Sundance and I had a few wild nights together. We ended on great terms, and I am looking forward to our reunion next year. Next year, things will only get better, and I am vowing to see a film. I won’t be one of those people two years in a row, that’s a promise.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Note to Readers:
I am busy writing a feature article about my experiences at the recent Sundance Film Festival. Check back on Monday to see what I have for you. Have a lovely weekend, and wear something fun.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Note to Rachel Bilson:
Where have you been lately? You are one of my favorite starlets, and your style is almost always enviable and often imitated. You have mastered the layered look, by pairing different colors and fabrics. I'm always impressed that your layers do not overwhelm your petite frame. You recently launched a clothing line in collaboration with DKNY called Edie Rose. Yours is actually one of the few celebrity designed clothing lines I would actually wear (Sorry Avril Lavigne, I didn't rush to Kohl's to check out your line). Come back out soon, I am dying to see what you will wear.

Note to Readers:
In winter especially, layered looks are not only popular, they are functional. I have a few tips when wearing this tricky look. Make sure some of your layers are fitted, so your figure does not get lost in the fabric. If you are wearing a flowy scarf, pair it with a fitted jacket. Or if your jacket is a larger, more loose silhouette, pair it with a more fitted dress and tights. Also, incorporate some color into your layers. That will keep you from looking too much like a bag lady, just wearing everything she owns. A little color also goes a long way, so do not over do it, with a different color with each layer. You don't want to look like you got dressed in the dark. Happy layering!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Someone Deserves a Raise

Note to Blake Lively:
When I received my December 2008 issue of W Magazine, I was a little bit surprised to see you on the cover. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Gossip Girl, and I think you looked gorgeous on the cover. It is simply the fact that, as far as I know, you don't have any movies coming out to promote, and usually the high fashion magazines put models or more established actresses on the cover (a la Sarah Jessica Parker and Angelina Jolie).

Then a couple of days ago, I opened my mailbox and saw this...

You scored a cover of Vogue?! Again you look amazing, reminiscent of a 1930's screen goddess. I don't know who your publicist is, but they deserve a HUGE raise. This kind of publicity gives you clout and credibility in the fashion world, and your career is just starting. I look forward to seeing where you are going to pop up next. Also, side note, your hair is beyond beautiful. As I am watching Gossip Girl I covet your hair, and your boyfriend/possible future stepbrother Dan.

Note to Readers:
I think I may have to change the title of my blog to Fit Noted, because even the beautiful Blake fell victim to a poorly fitting ensemble at the recent Golden Globes.

The dress is too tight, and the gathering and puckering of the satin fabric of her Nina Ricci gown, makes this cover girl look like as if she exhales the seams are going to bust open. So, again for the zillionth time just because you can fit into something, does not mean it is your size. Make sure the fit of the garment is flattering to your figure, and the fabric is not pulled too tightly around your body. Have a good day, and I'll "see" you tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inaugural Ball Gowns

Note to Dr. Jill Biden:
Way to steal the show. Seriously, this Reem Acra gown is equal parts sizzling and stunning. I love the way Acra arranged the fabric on the bodice. The color is appropriately patriotic, and perfect for the occasion. The dress also fits you perfectly, and really highlights your petite frame, and awesome arms. Man, if I could have arms like yours when I reach your age, I will be a happy woman. Actually, lets be honest, I would kill for arms like yours at my age now! Anyway, well done.

Note to Michelle Obama:
Now we reach the main event. I appreciate you wearing white, embracing tradition of either wearing red, white or blue. Few people can pull of a true shade of white, but it looks amazing on you. In theory, I like your dress. You have beautiful arms, and a pretty collarbone, and the asymmetrical top highlights these areas. I don't even mind the appliques that designer Jason Wu used. My problem, is once again with the fit of your gown. It has the fitted bodice, which looks great, but it starts to get flowy at the wrong point of your body. If it was fitted for a few more inches, it would continue to show your great physique, but instead, it draws too much attention to your hips and tummy. You still look amazing, but these little fit issues are holding you back from looking your best. Maybe your husband needs to appoint me as the Secretary of Style? I really think it would help.

Note to Readers:
How many times do I have to say it; the fit of a garment is crucial. CRUCIAL people. Also, I have decided to try to post something everyday. So, keep coming back to see what I have for you.

What did you think of the Inaugural Ball Gowns? Also, I would love to have an event where I have to wear a gown, wouldn't you? I can't even think of the last time I received an invitation to a social event where a gown was required. Hmmm... maybe we should have a stimulate the retail economy ball, where everyone gets to wear a gown. Just a thought.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Style

Note to our new First Lady:
For today's Inauguration, you chose the above Isabel Toledo ensemble.  Traditionally many First Ladies have opted to wear a patriotic red look, but your husband does speak a lot about change.  I know I was a little tough on you about the fit of your looks in this post, but today I have nothing but praise for your Inaugural selection.  The yellow-gold color of this coat and dress are stunning on you, and the selection of the tastefully shimmering fabric was en pointe.  I love the adorned neckline on the sheath, and how your stand out ensemble perfectly complements your husbands classic and conservative white shirt and red tie.  One tiny thing, I myself would not have paired this look with moss green shoes.  Maybe it is just the photo, and they are better suited for your outfit in better lighting?

Note to Readers:
Well, we have seen what Michelle Obama has chosen for the first of the Inaugural events, but what will she choose to wear to the Inaugural Balls?  We have seen that fashion's finest were clamoring to dress her in this post.  I can not wait to see whom she chooses, and what they come up with.  What did you think of her look today?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Dress Wars

Note to Kate Hudson:
You recently wore this catastrophe of a dress to an event where you knowingly were photographed.
What in the world were you thinking?

I guess I just don't get it. I don't get the sheer sleeve, or the weird palm tree leaf print. I don't get the stripper platform shoes, or the black and white cocktail rings with the ensemble. I just don't get it. You used to be such a highlight on the red carpet. Remember the 2003 Oscars when you looked luminous in a Versace gown? Here is a reminder...

So come on Kate, I know you can do it. Get a new stylist, spring for a new hair stylist and make up artist and let the beautiful Kate Hudson we all know and love shine through.

Note to Readers:
This goes to show you, even beautiful, skinny, blonde, actresses can have an off day. Even if we like how something looks on the hanger, it may not be the best garment for us. We all have colors, styles, silhouettes that flatter our individual figures. Don't use this as an excuse to let your wardrobe get stagnant. It is still fun to get dressed and try new trends and looks, just make sure you check a mirror before you leave the house.