Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Outrageous 80s

Photo courtesy of Style.com
Note to Marc Jacobs:
As you may remember you won our poll for favorite American designer, so I thought I would give our readers a review of your Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear collection.  I guess the only thing that can be expected from your shows, is to be ready to be surprised.  This collection was entirely different from your Americana-esque Spring 2009 runway show. Your inspiration was blatantly obvious, the 80s for today's fashionista.  I love the structural aspects of the above look, with the vibrant color you infused it with. You once again transported your audience and anyone who views your collection to another time, which right now, may be exactly what we all need. Thanks for the opulent escape.

Note to Readers:
For a while now, we have all been noticing the 80s are back.  Now with Marc's new collection, they are going to stay for a while.  It is important to be able to follow the trend without looking like you are stepping out of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  On the runway, Jacobs had the bright highlighter inspired eighties colors, eighties silhouettes (i.e. exaggerated shoulders), eighties hair, and eighties makeup.  My advice to you is to not dress in head-to-toe eighties garb, but to take one eighties element and incorporate it into your look.  If you are wearing a dress that is neon pink, pair it with some sleek current shoes, and natural hair and makeup.  Or if you are wearing a jacket with broad shoulders (perhaps courtesy of some shoulder pads), pair it with a plain colored tank and some skinny-legged pants, not neon leggings.

The trick is to look fashionable without looking like you are wearing a costume. 


GEL-Oh said...

Darn, I just cleaned out my closet of 80's clothes. I didn't know that 80's are in style again. I'm tempted to go to the Trift Store to see if one dress inparticular is still there.

Lauren said...

...but I LOVE Girls Just Wanna Have Fun..!