Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm Torn...

Note to Gwyneth:
When I tuned into the Grammy's last night I saw you introducing Radiohead, and the camera showed you from the waist up.  I though you looked amazing!  The bodice on your dress fits you amazingly, your makeup was immaculate, and your hair was tousled to perfection.  Just when I thought you could not get any better, I saw the wink you sent to your husband (Coldplay's Chris Martin) from the stage, and I loved the subtle PDA.

Then today I was looking up pictures of your ensemble, and I saw the whole look.  How could someone who got it so right, on the top half get it so wrong on the lower half?  I do not know what is worse, the metallic tights, or the fact that you paired them with metallic OPEN-TOED shoes!  Tights and open-toed shoes?  I expect more from you. 

So yes readers, I am torn.  I loved her look, but only half of it.  What did you think?

Note to readers:
Sometimes selecting accessories is as important as selecting your clothing.  Think of how stunning Gwyneth's look would have been if she ditched the tights, and wore bare legs with a fabulous pair of stilettos?

So before you add tights, shoes, earrings, handbags, whatever you are adding, ask yourself, "Does this positively add to my look or does it take away from it?".  

Also, I'm bringing back the polls.  Don't forget to vote.


Laura said...

In a recent Anthropologie shoot, I noticed they often paired tights with open-toed shoes. Could the look be workable? Or should I not even consider wearing my blue tights with black open-toed shoes?

Bethany Peterson said...

I've seen it done in some magazines lately, open toe with tights, and I got really excited because I would love to wear my open toe shoes in the winter. I'm torn as well. I think she looks great but her color choice in tights needs some re-thinking. Then again it's Gwenyth and she can do no wrong.

Katherine Fajen said...

You already know how I feel about this Gwenyth look. I just want you to know I totally voted for MIA on your poll for best dressed at the Grammys. It was too amazing, I had to.