Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oscar Report: Reese Witherspoon

Note to Reese:
There is a lot of chatter going on about your Academy Award dress selection.  Some loved it, some absolutely hated it. My opinion of your Rodarte frock? I love the vibrant colors, they are sophisticated yet egdy and playful at the same time.  The ombre effect of the fabric is also very fashion forward. I wish I could see the dress in person, maybe it would help me grasp the draping and layers more. 

I do not understand the random sheer parts near the armpit, it looked like you were wearing a bra with the translucent straps. (Which by the way ladies, just because the bra straps are clear does not mean we can not see them, please wear a strapless bra when necessary) I think the shape of this dress does not do much for your frame. It does not necessarily look bad on you, but it does not have the wow factor that some of the dresses (ie. Yellow Nina Ricci dress) you have worn have on you.

Note to Readers:
What do you think about Reese's dress choice? Fashion forward or fashion disaster? 


E-Train said...

not a fan

Emmy said...

Overall I do not care for this look on Reese. Her petite frame is lost in this dress. Also, I find the black straps distracting and stark on her skin.

*emily* said...

Blah. It does nothing for her figure.