Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anything but Slumming

Note to Freida Pinto:
All eyes are on you these days. Your new movie Slumdog Millionaire is taking awards season by storm.  I admit, I have yet to see it, but it is on the tip top of my list.  What I want to talk to you about is your recent red carpet appearances... you are radiant.  This RM by Roland Mouret dress fits you perfectly, and the color is breathtaking with your complexion.  You are new to the whole awards show thing, but judging by the award in your hand, and your composure on the red carpet, you may be a natural.  

Note to Readers:
Freida is an excellent example of wearing color to complement your skin tone.  In order to do this, you must be honest with yourself.  For example, I know that in the summer yellow and white nicely pair with my sun-kissed complexion.  In the winter however, those hues make me look washed out.  You and your mirror are responsible for your color selection, if you think it may not be right for you, it probably is not.  

Reader Gel-Oh, mother of one of my closest and most fashionable friends, recently asked me to write about fashion for those over fifty.  I urge you, along with everyone else to embrace color in your wardrobe.  The right colors can make your skin pop, and can invigorate your appearance.  Just make sure, with the colors you wear and the silhouettes of your clothing you do not look like you are shopping in the pre-teen section of the store.  No bubble-gum pink and glitter, actually that rule goes for anyone over the age of seven.

A couple of the posts below (The Bachelor and Sundance) have new pictures.  You ask, I deliver.


GEL-Oh said...

Someone listens to me! : )
Yes, color is a good tip. Keep them coming. Sad thing is when I looked in my closet there was a lot of brown & black this morning.

Matt and Jenna said...

Hey I happened to come across your blog and I love it! I am a hair and makeup artist in SLC. fashion intrigues are an inspiration!