Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Note to Daul Kim:
There are no words. The world of fashion will have a void without your bright smile, creativity and unparalleled style. Rest in peace, pretty Daul.

Note to Readers:
We lost one of fashion's brightest stars last week. I am at a loss of words. Please click here to see some of Daul's finest moments.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Note to Leighton Meester:
I don't understand what is happening here. I just don't know why you would wear these awful (unflattering and see-through pants) while you are trying to gain respect as a legitimate singer. Are you trying to show the world you are not your fashion-forward Gossip Girl character? Done.

Note to Readers:
I'll admit it, I like Gossip Girl. The fashion alone makes the show worth watching. I guess I thought because Leighton's character Blair is fashionably infallible, I though Leighton was too. My mistake. Usually I love the way she dresses in real life, maybe that is why this is so confusing to me.

Someone call Doroda, Leighton needs her help.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shout Out

Note to Readers:
Last week on a local morning show (kind of like a local version of The View), the editor of a magazine I write for, Wasatch Woman, talked about an article I wrote. Actually the host brought up the article, and then they showed photos from the accompanying shoot I styled. It was kind of cool to see them talking about my work!

Here is the video... enjoy! (my article is the first one they talk about, Holiday Must-Haves)

Side Note: Look closely when they show the Violet Hunter Boots, recognize the legs wearing them?