Monday, February 16, 2009

A Model's Nightmare

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Note to Runway Models:
Yesterday, two of you fell on the runway at the Herve Leger by Max Azria show during fashion week in New York.  I feel your pain.  Ok, not literally, but falling in high heels in embarrassing enough in real life, let alone on the runway during fashion week. The best way to recover from a runway stumble is to get back up and continue walking as if nothing happened.  Do not start laughing at yourself or crying... until you are backstage.  

Don't beat yourself up about the tumbles, in September of 2008 at the Prada show two of the models fell on the runway, one reportedly toppled a couple of times during her strut (photo below).  She even had audience members assisting her in getting back on her high-heeled feet.  One of the hands helping her up is reportedly the hand of the Sartorialist. (Scroll 1/4 of the way down on the link to read his account of the show)

Note to Readers:
Wearing and walking in heels is sometimes as difficult as it is painful.  Here are a few tips to keep you standing upright, and to keep you from becoming "fashion roadkill" a la Carrie Bradshaw-- consider the length of time you will be wearing the shoes for and how long your will be actually standing vs. sitting.  For example, I wear some of my highest and most painful heels to events where I know I need to look fabulous, but I will be sitting for the majority time, like a dinner, play, etc.  If I am going to an event where I will be on my feet walking or standing talking to people, I ditch the stilettos and go for something with a wedge, platform or a more substantial heel.  This allows me to circulate the event comfortably and confidently.

Also, if you are debuting a new pair of shoes, be careful the soles are usually slippery.  I recommend walking around outside on the sidewalk for a few minutes to scuff up the soles to give you a little better traction.  Another option to keep you from slipping on your couture-clad behind is to spray the bottom of the soles with hairspray.

Another tip is to scrunch up your toes when you are walking to keep the shoes on your feet, but this is a last attempt, and is not a permanent fix.  Make sure you try out your shoes and make sure you are comfortable walking in them before you wear them out.  Also, remember when your pair shoes with hosiery, it can change how they stay on your foot so make sure you are comfortable walking in the combo.

I hope this helps.

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The Ballstaedts said...

Those pictures are so sad and look so painful! Those are some great shoes tips, THANKS!