Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nicely Done

Photo from justjared
Note to Taylor Swift:
Wow.  Have you been keeping up on Fashion Noted since I wrote this post about you? Because it looks like you took the advice I gave to Gwyneth Paltrow after her Grammy appearance.  This look is everything I wanted Gwyneth's to be, and you made it your own.  You accessorized your Kaufman Franco dress with bare legs and a smashing pair of Louboutins. Your hair and makeup are flawless, and basically you look fantastic. I bet that Jonas Brother is kicking himself right about now.

Note to Readers:
This is an excellent example of how to wear a "busy" dress. A busy dress is one with a bold print, a lot of color, or like in the above photo is encrusted with rhinestones, or something along these lines. If the dress has a lot going on, it is wise to take it easy on the accessories. Imagine if Taylor wore this dress with strappy shoes that tied up around her calves, a big statement necklace, chandelier earrings, and a bevy of bangles on each wrist.  It would be a whole lot of look. When your dress has a lot going on, think simple with the rest of your look.  You only need to make one statement at a time, otherwise your items start to compete for attention.


Katherine Fajen said...

Love it. She is so cute.

Virginia Janet said...

She is looking grogeous.!! I love her dress!