Monday, June 30, 2008

Vera Wang

This dress, worn by Michelle Williams to the 2006 Oscars is practically perfect. I don't throw out the word perfect very often, but all the decisions made while creating this dress were en pointe. The way the fabric gathers and then drapes at the hips, is stunning. The chiffon train, which I usually find to be too impractical and fussy, is a beautiful addition and leaves those viewing the wearer with almost an afterthought of color. The saffron color, which was criticized by some after the event, in my opinion is such a uniquely decadent choice. Williams was definitely the only person wearing that color that night, and in the many other Oscar nights that followed. It has been two years since this dress made its red carpet debut, and it still comes to my mind when I think of my favorite pieces. Well done Ms. Wang.

I started this blog as an outlet for myself and to give myself some practice in fashion writing. What you will read on this blog is all my own opinions and tastes, and I don't know if you will agree with them or like them, but I hope you keep coming back to read them.