Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Debate '09

Note to Open-toed Shoes and Tights:
Apparently you are a hot item to talk about this season.  Are you an acceptable combo or not?  On one hand you remind me of many of my Asian counterparts who like to wear sandals with socks.  On the other hand you are a combo popping up on some of the most fashionable of all of my favorite fashionistas.  As blogged about below, Gwyneth is wearing you, as is Kate Moss and Heidi Klum.  Are you no longer a faux pas?

Note to Readers:
If you are going to attempt this combination, allow me to point out a few guidlines.  Wear this look with dark tights (preferably brown, navy, charcoal gray, and black), with shoes that are similar in color.  You do not want the contrasting colors of your tights and shoes to vary significantly.  However, do not match them perfectly (unless it is a black on black variation) because you could end up like Gwyneth below, as a metallic mess.

I hope this helps answer a few questions about this trend.  I must warn you though, this could be a trend you look back at pictures of, and you feel a little sheepish.  Personally, I don't know if I am going to attempt this look.  Something about the seam on the toes of the tights peeking out of the toes of the shoes, makes me uneasy.

What are your thoughts on the matter?


nicole said...

I only like the look with black opaque tights ... but I agree with the fact that I just stare at the toe seam sticking out of the peep toe. It's tough.

Morgan said...

I think I kind of like it.

Rae said...

Nothing makes me cringe more than tights with open toe shoes.

suzanne campbell said...

Lisa this has been a no no for years I know because I am old. So i don't think I could ever be comfortable in this get up. i love you r jeans and black heels. Had such a great time tuesday thanks so much love Suzanne

ben said...

I'm really torn because it looks kinda wierd with tights peeking through, so I'm not really into it, but then I see the picture of Heidi doing it and it suddenly looks good.