Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh No...

Note to Whitney:
I'll admit it, I watch The Hills and I'll probably watch your new show, The City.  I generally like your style, and think that you are the sensible one on a show full of drama queens.  Until last night, you showed up to the Hills finale after party wearing this on your head...

The only possible explanation I can think of, is somehow Spencer made you do it. He really is the root of all evil on the show, right?

Note to Readers:
I am all for people making bold fashion statements, and for taking chances with their wardrobes. My advice is don't wear anything that you will be embarrassed about wearing in a few months. Pictures last forever my friends, and I am still feeling sheepish about some black satin pants I wore in high school. Have a great Holiday!

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Holiday Gift to Yourself

Note to Readers:
Your favorite fashion blogger (ahem... Me) wrote a couple of articles for the winter issue of  Eliza Magazine.  Eliza is a hip, LA based fashion/lifestyle magazine that I highly recommend.  It is hard to find in some places so if you would like to see my stories in print, please purchase an issue online or subscribe to the magazine  here.  I would suggest getting a subscription because #1 they are a great deal, and #2 I am in the process of writing three articles for the Spring issue, so you will already be having Eliza delivered to you when the time for that issue rolls around. (PS.  I don't get any kind of monetary reward if you get an issue, I am simply passing along information)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What to Wear

Note to Michelle Obama:
In the height of the anxious anticipation over what you will wear to your husband's inauguration, the geniuses over at WWD had some of the best and brightest designers create a few sketches for you.  You really have the entire fashion world at the palm of your hand, and I am beyond jealous of all the big name designers that created sketches just for you.  My one word of advice?  Make sure whatever you select fits you properly, we all know that is my complaint with your wardrobe (as discussed here).

Note to Readers:
Fashion sketches are always exciting to see, because it is such a personally stylized art form.  Some designers (or their sketch artist) go into full detail on a gown, but only draw lips or a line for the eyes on the face.  Other designers put a great deal of emphasis on the face and the contouring of the person, and less on the rendering of the garment.  Maybe it's just me, but I adore getting a peek at designer sketches, and hopefully you will too.

Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel's Inaugural VIsion

A sketch from the lovely Diane Von Furstenburg

A sketch from my fellow FIDM alum, Monique Lhuillier

Marc Jacobs' take on the Ball Gown

Oscar de la Renta's (Laura Bush's go-to designer) patriotic vision

Click on the WWD link above to see more of the sketches. Which dress do you think she should select?