Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Welcome Back

Note to Kirsten Dunst:
Lately photos I have seen of you have been casual, out and about type shots, not photos of you at an event where you were planning on being photographed.  I am going to withhold judgement on those photos, because everyone is entitled to having their days off.  I will say, when I saw this photo of you at the Rodarte Fall 2009 show, I breathed a sigh of relief. The cute Kirsten Dunst with the quirky yet still current style is back. I adore this Rodarte sweater dress, I love the color, texture, and silhouette of it, and that you wisely paired it with black opaque tights. The dress has a lot going on, so your pulled back hair and simple but well applied makeup is the perfect way to accentuate this look.  Welcome Back Kirsten.

Note to Readers:
When we go through a tough time, sometimes our appearance is the first thing to go.  Now, I am not saying that appearance is everything, because really who we are is more important than what we wear.  I am just saying, I have found if I am feeling a little bit blue and decide to lay around in sweats with no makeup and dirty hair, it does nothing for my mood. Sometimes, we need to take a shower, wear a darling outfit, do our makeup and get outside.  Even if it is just a trip to the bookstore or a local cafe for a cup of tea.  Anything. Sometimes just the actions of polishing yourself up a little does wonders for a bad day. 

Also, I know a great pair of shoes can put a smile on my face, almost any day.


Morgan said...

She would look better with open toed shoes :)

Lisa said...

ha ha, you would think that.