Saturday, February 14, 2009

Coordinating Couple

Note to David and Victoria Beckham:
In honor of Valentine's day, I am posting about you two, one of my favorite fashionable couples. Some people love your style and some people loathe your style.  I am generally on the team that loves your style. It has not gone unnoticed that you two have a polished look, and your ensembles are always thought through.  The two of you never look like you just threw something on and ran out the door.  I appreciate you giving fashion that respect. 

Note to Readers:
First of all, Happy Valentine's day!  Also, sorry for the lack of posting this week.  I have been busy with work. This blog does not pay my bills, so until it does, there may be some days where I can't get to posting.  The lack of posting in no way reflects my feelings for you all.  J'adore all of you.

Now onto the topic du jour; dressing as a couple. Whether you are in a relationship now, or hope to be sometime in the near future, I hope that at some point this information can be helpful to you.  You do not need to coordinate your clothing everyday, that would be overkill times ten!  When you have an event, or know you are going to be photographed you should try to wear clothing that complements each other.  NOT MATCHING.  Seriously, matching outfits on couples make me nauseous.  Just make sure your colors and/or prints do not clash.

Now we all know I appreciate the Beckham's style as a couple, but which couple's style do you admire?


Erin Spenc said...

Ok, we always match, sometimes on purpose and sometimes not. What exactly do you suggest to "coordinate" but not match? I just don't get it. Does it mean that if we stand next to each other we don't clash? Is it really so bad if I wear a purple sweater and he has a stripe of purple in his tie? Will that make you sick to see?

E-Train said...

well said, nothing dorkier than a matchy matchy couple