Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Style

Note to our new First Lady:
For today's Inauguration, you chose the above Isabel Toledo ensemble.  Traditionally many First Ladies have opted to wear a patriotic red look, but your husband does speak a lot about change.  I know I was a little tough on you about the fit of your looks in this post, but today I have nothing but praise for your Inaugural selection.  The yellow-gold color of this coat and dress are stunning on you, and the selection of the tastefully shimmering fabric was en pointe.  I love the adorned neckline on the sheath, and how your stand out ensemble perfectly complements your husbands classic and conservative white shirt and red tie.  One tiny thing, I myself would not have paired this look with moss green shoes.  Maybe it is just the photo, and they are better suited for your outfit in better lighting?

Note to Readers:
Well, we have seen what Michelle Obama has chosen for the first of the Inaugural events, but what will she choose to wear to the Inaugural Balls?  We have seen that fashion's finest were clamoring to dress her in this post.  I can not wait to see whom she chooses, and what they come up with.  What did you think of her look today?

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Terri said...

If they could just get her to stand up straight, she looks very hunched and stiff. I like your comments about her dress! I agree about the shoes, what's up with that? I also like that she is wearing a long coat rather than a short one, I mean, it is January! Did you see the pics of the people at the Sundance thing? Some of them forgot to wear a coat.