Friday, January 23, 2009


Note to Rachel Bilson:
Where have you been lately? You are one of my favorite starlets, and your style is almost always enviable and often imitated. You have mastered the layered look, by pairing different colors and fabrics. I'm always impressed that your layers do not overwhelm your petite frame. You recently launched a clothing line in collaboration with DKNY called Edie Rose. Yours is actually one of the few celebrity designed clothing lines I would actually wear (Sorry Avril Lavigne, I didn't rush to Kohl's to check out your line). Come back out soon, I am dying to see what you will wear.

Note to Readers:
In winter especially, layered looks are not only popular, they are functional. I have a few tips when wearing this tricky look. Make sure some of your layers are fitted, so your figure does not get lost in the fabric. If you are wearing a flowy scarf, pair it with a fitted jacket. Or if your jacket is a larger, more loose silhouette, pair it with a more fitted dress and tights. Also, incorporate some color into your layers. That will keep you from looking too much like a bag lady, just wearing everything she owns. A little color also goes a long way, so do not over do it, with a different color with each layer. You don't want to look like you got dressed in the dark. Happy layering!

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linds said...

What happened to Rachel was a little movie called Jumper that bombed. It was like watching Summer from The OC on the big screen but it wasn't The OC...very weird.