Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inaugural Ball Gowns

Note to Dr. Jill Biden:
Way to steal the show. Seriously, this Reem Acra gown is equal parts sizzling and stunning. I love the way Acra arranged the fabric on the bodice. The color is appropriately patriotic, and perfect for the occasion. The dress also fits you perfectly, and really highlights your petite frame, and awesome arms. Man, if I could have arms like yours when I reach your age, I will be a happy woman. Actually, lets be honest, I would kill for arms like yours at my age now! Anyway, well done.

Note to Michelle Obama:
Now we reach the main event. I appreciate you wearing white, embracing tradition of either wearing red, white or blue. Few people can pull of a true shade of white, but it looks amazing on you. In theory, I like your dress. You have beautiful arms, and a pretty collarbone, and the asymmetrical top highlights these areas. I don't even mind the appliques that designer Jason Wu used. My problem, is once again with the fit of your gown. It has the fitted bodice, which looks great, but it starts to get flowy at the wrong point of your body. If it was fitted for a few more inches, it would continue to show your great physique, but instead, it draws too much attention to your hips and tummy. You still look amazing, but these little fit issues are holding you back from looking your best. Maybe your husband needs to appoint me as the Secretary of Style? I really think it would help.

Note to Readers:
How many times do I have to say it; the fit of a garment is crucial. CRUCIAL people. Also, I have decided to try to post something everyday. So, keep coming back to see what I have for you.

What did you think of the Inaugural Ball Gowns? Also, I would love to have an event where I have to wear a gown, wouldn't you? I can't even think of the last time I received an invitation to a social event where a gown was required. Hmmm... maybe we should have a stimulate the retail economy ball, where everyone gets to wear a gown. Just a thought.


Katherine Fajen said...

You are so clever, I love reading your blog. Good call on the gowns.

Morgan said...

If we would have become friends like 3-6 months earlier you could have worn a gown on multiple occasions. From my straw polls conducted at the events, yes it is in fact all it is cracked up to be.

PS Word to your mom on the issue of fit. It is something I have really been focusing on lately for my personal wardrobe. Definitely an area I want to improve upon.

Kristen said...

I'm a friend of Erika's and found your blog through hers. I have to say I love it! You are a fabulously entertaining writer. I'm someone who loves anything and everything having to do with celebrities and fashion. Plus, I find myself learning from you. Please do post every day. Keep it coming!

E-Train said...

I would vote for you as Secretary of Style