Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh Jessica...

Note to Jessica Simpson:
A lot has been said recently about your appearance at last Sunday's Radio 99.9 Kiss Country's Chili Cookoff.  I agree with your sister Ashlee, people do need to stop talking about your weight.  Let's face it, maybe you have gained a couple of pounds, but you still look great and you definitely look healthy and happy.  Your outfit, however is not doing you any favors.  The wrong clothing can make anyone look bad.  You just need to spend less time talking about Tony Romo, and more time talking to your stylist.

Note to Readers:
Most of us deal with weight issues at some point in our lives.  The way you dress can make you look thinner, more curvy, taller, more petite... you name it, there is a way to dress for it.  Basically, if you are self conscious about your tummy and hips, DO NOT wear high waisted jeans with your top tucked in.  These pants draw attention right to your hips and abs, when you are trying to divert the eye from them.  Also, if your arms are not quite as toned as they used to be, do not wear a tank top!  There are a multitude of fabulous tops right now, in all different colors and shapes, all of them with sleeves.  None of us have perfect figures, you just need to know how to dress to make it appear that way. Email me if you want me to write about any specific concerns.  Have a lovely day, and thanks for reading.


GEL-Oh said...

I like this post. I liked the advice on problem spots! Can you do a post on women over 50 years old?

Pamela said...

Great ideas for those of us trying to look slimmer than we really are. You're right. Focusing on what we like about our looks will help us get through those "feeling fat" days.