Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Bachelor

Note to Shannon on The Bachelor:
Last night, we saw Jason did not give you a rose.  No offense, but after the outfits you were wearing this season, I would not have given you one either.  In the last episode alone you wore a leopard and red satin bustier, and for the rose ceremony you wore what looked like a beach cover up, but with heels and an updo?  I wish I could have found a photo of either of the looks.  Here is the thing, you are a pretty girl, with a great smile.  You just need to fine tune your wardrobe a little bit.  I am sorry you did not get a rose though, getting rejected on national TV is something no one should have to endure.

Note to Readers:
What we can learn from Shannon, is you do not have to overtly flaunt your assets.  In the dress she wore in the above photo, Jason could not keep his eyes off her chest, and really can you blame him?  There are more tasteful ways to highlight your figure, and they do not entail anything in satin or leopard.  

Also, since we are talking about The Bachelor, why do the girls always look like they just woke up or worked out whenever they are at the house and not going on a date with Jason.  Sure their date is not scheduled, but they know he is coming over to pick up the other girls for a date.  I do not think they have to be decked out all day everyday, but at least sometimes, put on a cute top and some jeans or something. Come on girls, out of the sweats, if you are going to play, play to win.

I got a photo of the aforementioned dress. Enjoy.


Suzy Hicks said...

You are such a great writer. Thanks for including the Bachelor in your topics. The show is like heroine to me.....don't ask why, but I become addicted and can't get enough everytime a new season starts, espcically this one. Give it up for Jason being a super cute single dad. And yes, Shannon was totally psycho (and a bad dresser).

Shauna said...

ok so this is so weird because i seriously had this conversation with someone on gchat today about shannon. I was like why was she wearing a bathing suit cover up with early 90s prom hair??? She is a hot mess, and youre nice for thinking shes pretty, cause i dont think she is at all! ha

heidi said...

just got caught up on reality tv. i also think jason doesnt like ruffled dresses because everyone who got kickoff that night was wearing ruffled dresses :-0...
love this blog of yours cousin lisa. cant wait till you make it big time gurl.