Monday, September 22, 2008

Emmy Recap

Note to Readers:
I was unable to watch the broadcast, but I have been looking at the photos from the red carpet from the Emmy's and overall I was a little bit bored. It seems like everyone decided to wear a strapless dress and have their hair in either loose curls or a loose updo. I am begging for a little risk taking, and some originality! I did like that a few people experimented with bright colors, especially a dandelion yellow hue worn by a few big names. All in all there were a few highlights, but lets hope the dresses get better as the awards season continues. Now onto my Red Carpet Awards:

Best Overall Look:

Note to Olivia Wilde:
This satin and chiffon Reem Acra dress is absolutely gorgeous. I like that you didn't wear a typical strapless dress, you opted for a different silhouette and the color is amazing with your complexion. You look like an ethereal goddess, who pretty much dominated the red carpet with your sophisticated look. I still think that when you have blonde hair you would make a perfect Rosalie in the Twilight movie, much better than Nikki Reed who was cast in the part.

Best Fashion Designer who is also a Reality TV star:

Note to Christian Siriano (of Project Runway fame):
This chiffon tiered creation is in a word--fierce. You used one of my favorite color combinations, yellow and gray and created this dress that looked phenomenal in your runway show and on Heidi at the Emmy's. You knocked Lauren Conrad's (yawn) strapless maternity-looking dresses out of the water!

Best Use of Color:

Note to Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Cynthia Nixon:
This was a tie. I couldn't decide if I like Julia's vibrant salmon hued Narciso Rodriguez dress or Cynthia Nixon's seafoam Calvin Klein gown better. I admire that they both wore interesting colors, that weren't canary yellow. Also, both of these women are over 40 and they looked much better than many of the younger starlets. I guess you get fashion wisdom with age!

Sly Fox Award:

Note to Tina Fey:
You usually are wearing your Palin-esque glasses (or maybe she wears Fey-esque glasses), and hiding your beauty behind your witty sense of humor. For the awards last night, there was nothing funny about your David Meister gown. You looked amazing. I always thought you were pretty, but who knew how much of a fox you could be! Also, congrats on the Emmy.

Just Because Award:

Note to John Krasinski:
I couldn't help it, I just wanted to put a picture of you on here. I have such a crush on you and seeing you in your Prada Mohair Tux on the red carpet just heightened my crush. You chose your look well. Unless you are a male and known for your fashion, you should pull a "Clooney" and wear a nicely tailored conservative tux or suit. Also, I like the look of a skinny black tie instead of a bowtie. If I were still in junior high, I would totally have a picture of you on the front of my binder.

Best Look on a Young Starlet:

Note to Rose Byrne:
You looked amazing in your quilted Calvin Klein creation. The color was striking with your dark hair, and the use of Fred Leighton diamonds was perfect. You are a great example of a pretty girl, in a great dress, paired with the right accessories, and a good hair and makeup team. I look forward to seeing more of your red carpet choices in the future.

Designer of the Night Award:

Note to Reem Acra:
Your gowns were seen on Olivia Wilde, Felicity Huffman and a regal looking Christina Applegate. The silhouettes, colors, and overall looks of the gowns were not predictable, and oozed a demure sophistication. All the women wearing your designs looked beautiful, feminine and confident in their gowns. Well done. Monique Lhuillier was right behind you in my opinion, so you better keep up the good designs or she may be the winner of the next red carpet. Also I just wrote an article about Monique Lhuillier for Eliza magazine, I'll let you all know when it is available, but in the meantime check out for some great fashion tips.

Well Readers, what did you think of the Emmy fashions?


The Ballstaedt's said...

My fav. was Sandra Oh. Have you seen a picture of that one yet?

ben said...

I enjoyed your recap much more than I would've enjoyed watching the whole long thing on tv. I give a thumbs up for Julia Louis-Dreyfus's dress, but I think that Rose Byrne's was the best that you showed here.

I'd also give a just-because-award if you were in any of pictures.

Barbie said...

Lisa, I am so out of it as a mommy these days I can hardly keep up on politics and Prison Break and then I crash. So thank you for your fashion recap of the emmies. That's about the most important part of it anyway (duh!). Had to say I really appreciate your posting Krazinski on here. I can totally appreciate your affection for him; he always makes me laugh on The Office. Such a cool guy. So I say put his poster up somewhere while you're still single!

suzanne campbell said...

I loved Brooke Shields dress she always looks fabulous and yes another over forty love Suzanne

Hyo said...

Ya knowm, you need to be the one on the red carpet. Can't wait to read your article!