Monday, May 10, 2010

Met Costume Institute Gala: Camilla Belle

Note to Camilla Belle:
Let's be honest, you are stunning, and have a long and lean figure. Finding something that will look good on you isn't exactly tough. With that said, I adore your Jason Wu gown paired with classic Cartier jewelry. I appreciate that you took note of the occasion (Hello, when Vogue is one of the partners of the event, you better WORK that red carpet!) and dressed up for it. Also, the color is sublime with your dark hair and pretty skin tone. Nicely done. You have now graduated from dating teen pop stars, and you are ready for grown up. Maybe Jake Gyllenhaal? Just a thought.

Note to Readers:
We all know how I feel about the Costume Institute Gala (for a refresher click here). A lot of people wore short dresses on the red carpet. I like showing a little leg as much as the next girl, but a dramatic long gown can go a long way.

Who were your favorites and least favorites at the event?

1 comment:

Shauna said...

i love her. She came into Anthro once and was just as sweet as ever and only bought stuff off of the sale rack, which you've gotta love.

shes even more pretty in person.