Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Met Costume Institute Gala: Emma Watson

Note to Emma Watson:
Now I understand the term 'white hot'. You look amazing in this Burberry dress, and I love the asymmetrical top and the fitted bodice. I am sure every write up about you mentions how you have grown up since you first showed up as Hermione, so I am not even going to mention that. All I have to say is you are rapidly making your way to the top of my red carpet favorites; young woman, ingenue, woman or otherwise.

Note to Readers:
What I love about this look is Emma looks elegant, grown up, a bit sultry, but she still looks like herself. Sometimes when actresses find fame as a teen, they struggle trying to find their adult style. She doesn't have to overtly show she is not a kid anymore, she embodies the look. Do you think it's too late for Lindsay Lohan to take notes?

Seriously though, is la Lohan a lost cause? I digress, that could be an entire blog on its own.


ahlin said...

i love love love emma watson. she is so classy, seriously one of my top fashion icons. she always looks so chic and put together. love.

Emily said...

love, Love, LOVE EMMA!

Julie said...

She found an amazing sense of style early on. She always looks fabulous!