Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crimes of Photoshop

Note to Jennifer Aniston:
I really adore you. Friends is still one of my favorite shows, and I always want hair like you. You have a classic sense of style, and you look AMAZING (for your age or otherwise). What I want to know is... why did the people at Smart Water photoshop this photo so much? You look like a hybrid between you and Victoria Beckham. Your bod looks amazing though, I bet they didn't photoshop it a bit.

Note to Readers:
I appreciate a little retouching here and there, but I hate it when it gets carried away. Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful woman, and I don't understand why she was retouched with such a heavy hand? What is wrong with showing a little wrinkle here and there? It would go to show the rest of us that you can be beautiful without being flawless.

Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now.


Malia said...

Lol, I like that the label of this post is "crimes of photoshop". I totally agree though, and I thought it was Kristin Cavalari at first glance.

Erin Spenc said...

Thanks. It's so true! She is old! We all know she isn't 20, so why do they want us to think she is?

OR maybe they just got a photo from like 20 years ago and photoshopped the water bottle in. Oh yeah, that is more likely what happened here.

nicole said...