Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Note to Readers:
The Met Costume Institute Gala is THE night for fashion. I anxiously await it each year, and I love seeing what everyone decides to wear. I know I feel that way about a lot of awards shows, but this event is strictly about fashion. Let me put it this way, if I could score an invitation to any event EVER, it would be this one. The guest list is star-studded, with real celebrities (that means they keep riff-raff like Speidi out). Think Gisele and Tom, Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, etc.

Throughout the week, I am going to post about whom I loved and whom I loathed-- and a few people in between.

As always, thanks for reading. J'adore you all.

Note to Rhianna:
I know you have had a really rough time lately, so I am not going to comment on your choice of a Dolce and Gabbana puffed-sleeve tuxedo.

I'll just say when Zac Posen has dressed you, I liked the results much better.

I LOVE your Chanel mini-dress. I think accessorizing it with black was a chic choice, and kept the look more formal than if you accessorized with a bright color. Some may have a problem that you wore a short dress, but with all of the other craziness on the red carpet, I think they need to pick their battles more carefully. I think you look pretty, fresh faced, and let's be honest you have amazing legs, why not let them have a little time in the spotlight?

Note to the Newlyweds:
Speaking of legs...

Gisele (wearing a Versace dress), it really isn't fair for you to have amazing legs, enviable hair, such a killer bod, and your husband's not too bad either. You two could probably wear jeans and t-shirts and still be among the best-dressed people at the event.

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ben said...

I'd give a thumbs up on the white dress for sure. The others on the other hand.... wow.