Thursday, May 13, 2010

Met Costume Institute Gala: Diane Kruger

Note to Diane Kruger:
I must admit, I can't decide if I am obsessed with your look or if I think it is a little bit boring. One one hand, the long sleeved, long, fitted white gown could be perceived as a little lackluster. On the other hand, no one else wore anything like this and its simplicity could almost be described as cutting edge.

Your red carpet selections are usually a little bit different than what everyone else decides to wear, and I appreciate it. With your model's figure and beautiful features, its kind of hard for you to go wrong.

Note to Readers:
What do you think? Is this look gorgeous or boring?


heidiluxe said...

gorgeous! refreshing! slightly futuristic. i am so tired of strapless and poof.

Katherine Fajen said...

i thought it was beaaaautiful!! i mean, who can pull off a tight white dress like that? her. i loved it.

English said...

yeah, pretty good

Miranda said...

Just popped over to your blog from me oh my and I'm loving your fashion p.o.v.
I do love Diane Kruger in this dress - simple, stunning - she pulls it off!