Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Taylor Swift and Paris Hilton at the MTV VMAs

Note to Taylor Swift:
I am warning you, hanging out with Paris Hilton will not get you very far in fashion, or in life for that matter. I think you are darling, talented, and have so much potential. Your songs are some of my favorite to car sing to these days. You also have a keen eye for wearing clothes that are perfect for your age. You rarely look like you are trying to dress older than your teenage years, and that is a trap many in your Hollywood peer group fall into. You were one of the guests on Ellen when I went to her show, and I was very impressed by your charming nature and maturity. Again, you are a bright star right now, and there isn't much you can learn from Paris Hilton.

Note to Paris:
There is so much I could say to you. You were also a guest on Ellen when I was there and I was amazed at how plastic and manufactured you look in real life. I was also not entirely surprised, but definitely observant of your plastic and manufactured personality. From a style standpoint, you are a prime example that you can't buy taste. This might be my most harsh criticism on this blog to date, but I like to see people getting publicity for the contributions they make and their body of work. I can't really think of any contributions you have made and you are most known for your sex tape, so lets just say you are not my favorite. Also, your bra is showing.


nicole said...

I was cracking up at the ending bra comment. Ha!

Ben said...

Note to Fashion Noted:
You had me at "your bra is showing."

Hyo said...

Lisa - I am so glad you are doing a fashion blog. Seriously, I always learn something from your observations and at the same time, I get totally entertained by your wit and humor. Thanks sweetie - your awesome!!

chelsea said...

This post is perfect as are you. Maybe she should just use some pasties next time instead of the whole bra...