Monday, September 8, 2008

Runway Report

Note to Rag & Bone:
I looked through photos from your New York Fashion Week runway show for Spring 2009 and it was love at first sight. Actually maybe it was lust at first sight. The hipster and preppy styles you juxtaposed on the runway combined to make some enviable looks. I loved the cigarette pants combined with "grandpa cardigans" and I could not get enough of the menswear inspired fabrics you used. The different garments you presented were a cohesive line, and I really got a feel for the kind of hip woman that will be wearing your clothing. Well done.

Note to Readers:
I hope you are having as much fun as I am going through the photos from the Fashion Week shows. I am feeling truly inspired by what the designers are coming up with. I like to go through the different looks and think about what I already have that I can pair with various items to look like the outfits seen on the runway. For example, I can use a pair of skinny jeans I already have, and find a new blazer or cardigan to pair it with to make my look more current. I feel like I have been in a wardrobe slump lately, but now I am thinking of new ways to breathe life into my wardrobe. Happy Fashion Week everyone!

I love the stripes paired with the butter-yellow jacket. I also like the high waisted shorts, they make the models legs look even longer, not that it was necessary.

The oversized jacket pairs nicely with the shorter skirt. The color of the skirt will be a big color this winter, and from the looks of it will transition into next spring. I am also obsessed with the shoes, obsessed.

The cut of these pants give them a rocker-like look, but they are wisely paired with this cardigan to keep the look from being too cliche. Every item in this look would be versatile, and that is something I look for when shopping.


Erin Spenc said...

Ok, the last picture reminded me that I have a question for you. You posted recently about skinny/tight jeans (I forgot what they are called) and I was wondering if it is okay to wear those with high heels. Is there some rule about the length of jeans when you are wearing heels, or is that old news?

Lisa said...

Hey Erin, good question! I think that high heels look great with skinny jeans. I also really like the way skinny jeans look with wedges. I personally wear flats more frequently, but that is a more casual look. High heels are a great way to transition denim into a night time look, but can be worn at all times of the day. Thanks for the comment and I hope that answered your question!

Morgan said...

I agree with your Rag & Bone assessment. Very hip. As a side note, Rag & Bone makes great suits for men. A nice slim cut with great lapels. From what I gather they tend to run a size small. For example, if you normally wear a 38 short, go with the 40 short to get the correct fit.