Thursday, September 11, 2008


Note to Solange Knowles:

In a previous post I mentioned patterned tights are going to be a big trend this fall and winter, but I should have been more specific. Just because a pair of tights has a pattern does not mean they are worth wearing. These tights are an ugly pattern and the color would not look good on anyone over the age of six. On a positive note, your top and skirt are very chic and if you wore them bare-legged with a pair of fabulous stilettos your look would have been smashing!

Note to Readers:
I hope this post does not scare you off of wearing patterned tights. My advice for wearing them would be to pick a pattern that you would wear a shirt or skirt in. If the pattern would be ugly on another garment, it will be ugly on a pair of tights. Also, when wearing patterned tights, keep the rest of your look simple and free of prints. You do not want your outfit to look too busy. Picking a color for the tights is important as well-- choose neutral or darker colors, appropriate for the fall and winter seasons.

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