Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Note to Readers:
As of today, Fashion Noted has been up and running for ONE YEAR! Happy Blog-iversary, or Anniblogsery, or however else you would like to say it. Thank you so much for reading my little blog, and I am ever so thankful you keep coming back. There have been around 24,000 hits on this blog since its creation (I put in the hits counter a few months after I started Fashion Noted), and I don't know who you all are that read this, but I am so so so glad you do!

In honor of this momentous day, I would like to revisit a few Fashion Noted highlights:

Remember this post? It is hard to believe that was a year ago. Still love the dress, designer and wearer.

Do you remember these? I liked the polls, do you think I should bring them back?

In a year, some people haven't changed much. Like her and her.

I have made some pretty overt pleas for designers to send me things. Like this and this, but I'm still waiting for the arrival of said dresses.

Some crazy things have happened in the world of fashion this year, kind of like this and this.

But there have also been some pretty amazing things as well. A few of my favorites are this and this.

I think there may be some high profile readers out there who have started to take my advice, mainly her and her.

This blog has helped me get some pretty sweet jobs, like these, and many more. (I have two more articles due by the end of the week... which I should probably be working on right now)

So, I guess in my long winded way, I just want to say...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping by and reading. Keep coming back, ok?

PS. So now that you know some of my favorites from the year, I am dying to know which posts you have enjoyed. If you comment, you can consider it a Happy Blog-day present to me.


nicole said...

happy blog day! i like every post. really. each one is clever, funny and oh so true!

i'm loving the bangs too.

ben said...

I love it when you update this puppy. I like seeing your point of view. I hate to admit it, but your fashion blog is tons better than my fashion blog. ;)

BethanyPeterson said...

lisa! that's awesome! i've been a fan of fashion noted since day uno. i did love the quizzes. i think you should bring them back. here's to many more years of fashion advice!