Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cursive Music Video

Note to Readers:
A few months ago, I had the privilege to style a music video for the amazing band Cursive. This was a really fun project for me because they wanted all of the clothing to look like it was from a 1970s horror film. There was also a twist, they wanted to have the clothing be as authentic as possible and they needed about six wedding dresses. Never one to back down from a challenge, I worked on the project, and loved every second of it.

Note to Cursive:
You guys were really fun to work with, and were great sports as I pinned all of your clothing to fit. You even helped iron some of the wardrobe, which is above and beyond what is expected of rock stars. I love the song, and I love how the video turned out.

Note to Danny Drysdale (director) and Jeff Lasson (producer):
Thanks for giving me this awesome opportunity. If I am going to be hiking through Laurel Canyon while adjusting clothing on the talent, and making sure none of the wardrobe gets lost, I always want it to be with you two. Also, thanks for letting me make my music video debut (watch for me in the video).


Morgan said...
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Morgan said...

The embedded video isn't working. With that said, it turned out great. Your cameo almost stole the show. Even more screen time than Chaz and Keith. Well done. Looks like you are going to need a business manager and agent shortly. I know this nerdy accountant guy in Santa Monica who would be perfect for the job. He may even only take a 9% fee if you ask nicely.