Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A New Low

Note to Spencer and Heidi:
When I saw the pictures of your wedding online this weekend, I thought to myself, "Wow, they look happy... " in a overly-bleached, overly-mistic tanned kind of way, but happy nonetheless. I was happy for you two, and decided to try not to be so annoyed by your staged photo-ops and publicity hungry ways. Until I saw this photo...

Are you kidding me? According to People, you are in Cabo San Lucas enjoying a pre-honeymoon (whatever that is, most people are lucky to go on a honeymoon, but enjoy your pre-honeymoon, then the actual honeymoon, and then you will probably need a post honeymoon vacation to wind down from all of the vacationing). You have decided to use the swine flu crisis as an opportunity to draw attention to yourselves. Why am I surprised?

Note to Readers:
If you are going down to Mexico, it is important to protect yourselves from the influenza. I do not in anyway condemn safety precautions. I just condemn Speidi.

1 comment:

BethanyPeterson said...

HAHA. oh man. like the virus is flying around in OPEN areas like the BEACH.

I give them 4 months.