Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baby Love

Note to Becky Newton:
You are one of my favorites. You (and your outfits) might be what I miss most about Ugly Betty. I don't know what you are like in real life, but I do know that your real life style is killer as well. This leads me to believe I would love real life Becky as much as I love Ugly Betty's Amanda. Anyway, enough gushing, it was just confirmed that you and your husband are expecting a baby. CONGRATS! I hope you are still a red-carpet regular so we can see how your style evolves throughout your pregnancy.

Note to Readers:

I love to see how people's style evolves as their lives do. Whether it is for expecting a baby, fluctuations in weight, lifestyle changes, or just style changes, I like to see the different clothing choices people make. When I graduated college I took a job at an office where I had to dress more professionally than my college uniform of jeans and sweatshirts. It was fun picking out different button up shirts, skirts and dress pants. I definitely felt more grown up. I noticed when I started styling and working with models frequently, I often wore heels or wedges so I didn't feel like a midget around them. A lot of my friends have had or are having babies, and it is fun to see how they still keep aspects of their original style and modify it to accomodate their changing bodies.

Maybe I just love clothes, and how people choose to represent themselves with what they wear. I'm not the only one right?


heidiluxe said...

absolutely. i am fascinated by regional style and each time we move, which is often, i get to pick up on new regional cues and fads.

Chelsea and Korina said...

I love Becky Newton! She was my favorite part of Ugly Betty!