Friday, July 23, 2010


Note to Angelina Jolie:
We get it. You are so pretty you don't need to worry about wearing color or anything, and you will still look smashing. Are you getting a little bit bored of wearing black? We all know it is a great universal color, but enough is enough. This photo was taken at Comicon in San Diego, we are in the middle of summer and you are in black leather? Let's lighten things up a bit, ok?

Note to Readers:
Black is one of my go-to colors when I feel like I need to look good, and I don't have time to throw together something new. So I am not knocking wearing black, by any means. I am just saying, if you are Angelina Jolie, and you have designers and stylists at your beck and call don't you think you would be able to incorporate a little bit of variety into your wardrobe?


kayce hughes said...

I am in love with your blog. You are spot on as always.

Anonymous said...

I'm too pale to wear that much black. I think Angelina is WAY too skinny so why is she wearing slimming black? She would look so pretty in other colors. Maybe someday, but I think she's going for the "black is humble" thing.

Chrissy said...

so over her goth-ness