Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summery Indeed

Note to Summer Glau:
Admittedly, I am on quite a stripes kick, but I have to say I adore your dress! I am not familiar with the brand, Corey Lynn Calter, but apparently I need to be. I like that you belted it, and paired it with nude heels, fun earrings, and beachy waved hair. Too many accessories can really weigh down a summer ensemble, so I think you are styled wisely. You wore this look to Comi-Con in San Diego, and you definitely dressed appropriately for the occasion and season (are you taking notes Angelina?) Anyway, well done, you are definitely making your name proud.

It's kind of funny, but I feel like you have to be pretty with the name Summer. Seriously, all of the Summers I know are gorgeous. Maybe if I have a girl someday, I will name her Summer, so the odds are in her favor. Now that I have typed out Summer so much, it doesn't seem like a real word, does that ever happen to you?

Note to Readers:
Am I the only one totally feeling stripes these days? I have had to consciously stop trying on striped dresses/skirts/tops, because I am becoming (gasp) one-noted in my sartorial choices. Stripes are just so fun to wear in the summer though... I just need to wear them in moderation. If you see me around, and I am in stripes, don't be surprised but know I am trying to change it up.


Katherine Fajen said...

I'm completely obsessed with stripes right now. I type this wearing stripes, actually. I feel like stripes are a huge trend and that's all I can find in the stores. Not complaining though...I love it. It being stripes. Okay, now stripes as a word seems really weird. xoxo

Trent & Brooke said...

i've been loving stripes lately. probably too much. but i've surprisingly gotten a lot of varieties on the classic striped top!

joven said...

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