Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Note to Readers:
Today is Super Bowl Sunday. Everyone is taking sides, the Indianapolis Colts vs. the New Orleans Saints. In a weird coincidence these teams also pair up the Hank Baskett (husband of reality star Kendra Wilkinson) and Reggie Bush (boyfriend of reality star Kim Kardashian).

So the real question is, which team are you on?

Team Kendra...

Or Team Kim?

Note to Kim and Kendra:
What are you wearing for the big game? Some say wearing your significant other's jersey is bad luck (a la Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo). Some say the aforementioned theory is complete garbage. Do you wear the jersey and throw caution to the wind? Or do you play it safe and just wear the team colors? You know the camera will pan to each of you at least once, so make sure whatever you decide to wear you choose wisely.


Shauna said...

I think you must be team Kendra cause you picked the ugliest picture of Kim kardashian you could find! Haha her makeup looks horrendous for the first time ever!

I read somewhere that Kim is wearing a 2,000 $ jacket. Can't remember the designer but it better be fab.

Lisa said...

that is so funny! I was thinking that after I picked the pictures, I actually prefer Kim. I should have spent more time finding photos!