Thursday, February 11, 2010


Note to Alexander McQueen:
You will be missed, more than you could have imagined. Thank you for creating such beauty with your fashion for the rest of us to enjoy all of these years. I hope that you found whatever peace and happiness you were lacking. The world of fashion will not be the same without you.

Note to Readers:
Today is another truly sad day in the fashion world. Designer Alexander McQueen was found dead this morning of an apparent suicide. He was an incredible combination of creativity and construction know-how. I thought he was going to be one of his generations Lagerfelds or Valentinos, around forever, but important and relevant with every collection. We lost one of the great ones today.'s Tim Blanks wrote a touching tribute to McQueen. You can read it here. Also if you are not familiar with his incredible work, please click here and start going through the slideshows. He also was a favorite designer of many celebrities and fashionistas. Please click here to see some of his best red carpet moments.

One of my favorite McQueen looks from his FW 2008 collection. The combination of the expert construction paired with his creative vision is uniquely Alexander McQueen.


nicole said...

What?!? This is sad. I loved him.

Viva La Fashion said...

alexaner was a genius. the world has lost a true artist.

Pia said...

will always be a legend!

anju said...

he was legendary. :(