Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Note to Shaun White:
Way to dominate tonight in the Olympic halfpipe! Watching the competition wasn't nearly as nerve-wracking this Olympics, seeing as you had the gold medal before your second run. Also, thank you for pulling an incredible Double McTwist. It is the Olympics, time to go big or go home. You probably don't remember when we took this photo at Sundance last year, but I hope you don't mind me posting it. You read Fashion Noted right?

Note to Readers:
So maybe this post wasn't really fashion oriented. I just wanted to re-post this picture... sue me.

As I was watching the halfpipe I realized I really do like the Burton snowboard uniforms. My only complaint is some of the boarders were wearing their pants so low! (I feel like my parents just writing that!) Honestly though, I don't know how the pants didn't end up around their ankles during their runs.

So now you know what my favorite winter Olympic sport is... what is yours?


danbee said...

wow look at that low cut chest baring action sean white!
ps-speed skating bc of joey cheek.

Suzanne said...

At first I wasn't sure but it has grown on me. so proud of Sean and all the medalists. love you Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Apolo Anton Ohno has my heart...while I'm not usually a fan of the 'soul patch'...his just gets me every time...especially when he flashes that killer smile. Not to mention he has the best style of any athlete I've seen in quite some time. :) Now...if that didn't sound like a boy crazy teenager I don't know what would!