Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Denim in the Snow?

Note to Burton:
Your company designed the 2010 Winter Olympics Snowboarding uniforms. It definitely turned heads. While I was watching boardercross (nice work Seth Wescott!) I couldn't believe what I was seeing, jeans as the snowboard pants? Really? The plaid and denim are definitely an homage to classic Americana. It also made the riders stand out. So maybe, job well done?

Note to Readers:
What do you think of the uniforms? I'm sure the denim was treated so it was functional and waterproof in the snow. Are these uniforms classic vintage-inspired American fashion? Or out of place on the slopes?


Elaine said...

It's a cool concept but I don't know if I'm into it... Maybe if I see more of it I might get used to it.. lol

the Eggett's said...

I actually thought it was awesome! The casual look made them look like they were actually having fun as opposed to only competing.