Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is taking it too far...

Note to Diane Kruger:
Usually I like your red carpet choices. Remember when I raved about you here? You wear clothing well and you have a unique sense of style. Not Lady Gaga unique, but unique in a way that you will wear fashion forward pieces from the top designers without a misstep. Except for this Versace beaded number. I guess you can't be right all the time.

Note to Readers:
There are a few things I love and one of them is a TASTEFUL backless dress. I think a woman showing a toned back can be so much more sexy than a plunging neckline. I thought it went without saying that if you can see the wearer's crack, the dress has gone too far. Apparently not.

1 comment:

Katherine Fajen said...

yeah that dress is not okay. i think she looks like a pom pom. with crack.