Wednesday, July 22, 2009

She Did it Again

Note to Victoria Beckham:
Your airport style is impeccable. When we see most celebrities showing up for their red-eye flights in leggings and oversized cardigans, you are like a breath of fresh air. I can't imagine those tailored pants are comfortable for a long flight, but you don't look like you mind. I am dying to know, do you change into a Juicy track suit as soon as you board the plane? I doubt it.

Note to Readers:
Are you loving Victoria's pants as much as I am? I love the crisp white high waist with the button detailing. If I had these pants I would want to wear them all the time, maybe that is why she is wearing them on a plane. She can't bear to take them off because all of her other pants pale in comparison? She is breaking one of my cardinal rules though-- sunglasses indoors. Some people never learn.


nicole said...

I too am obsessed with these pants!

and I am loving her top! I want ...

Katherine Fajen said...

i love love love that outfit- perfection!! ...minus the whole sunglasses-indoor thing.

Rachel Ricchio said...

i am just obsessed with victoria and david.