Monday, October 13, 2008

First-Class Fashion

Note to Victoria Beckham:
This is what you wore to the airport to take a long flight to London. Even on your way to the airport you look impossibly chic. I love the classic colors and cut of this dress. You chose a chanel bag, and a pair of oversize sunglasses to complete your look, and each decision was perfect. You kept things simple and classic, just like your outfit. Also, I love the Mia Farrow-esque hair cut. In a world of long blonde hair extensions, you are an innovator. You have come a long way from your Spice Girl costumes.

Note to Readers:

Originally my favorite thing about Victoria Beckham was her husband. Now things have changed. Whether I like her outfit choices or not, she always is meticulous about her clothing selections. Everything is well thought through, and she never looks like she just threw something on. I appreciate someone who pays that much attention to their wardrobe choices. While the rest of us may not have stylists and closets full of designer clothing, we can see the fun in getting dressed and think a little bit more about what we choose to wear. That means no more wearing sweats out in public, unless it's to the gym.


ben said...

I completely agree. I love the collar on the white shirt and the dark top.

*emily* said...

I WANT that outfit!!!

Hyo said... have stylist and a closet full of designer outfits and matching accessories...I do love the overall outfit. And I guess you don't necessarily have to have tons of money (although it does help) to have a well thought out wardrobe. Thanks Lisa, as always, love your fashion site!