Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nicely Done

Note to Natalie Portman:
As I looked at this photo I thought about how I loved your mustard color dress, especially how you paired it with tights and a blazer. Then I read that your dress was from the Rodarte collection for Target, and I loved this whole look a little bit more. Thank you for showing that you can get a dress from Target, wear it to an event, and look fabulous. So Natalie, you shop at Target... I shop at Target, I think this means we were destined to be friends. Don't you agree?

Note to Readers:
I love that Target brings in amazing designers to produce small, limited-time collections. I love Rodarte but unfortunately their beautiful work is not in my budget. Until now. Thanks Target.

Now if only we could get people to stop calling it "Tar-zhay" (insert eyeroll here).

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Meg Webb said...

I have this dress! It was at the Salt Lake Target! I loved the Rodarte for Target line. So much good, (yet still some questionable items)