Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golden Globes '10: Pretty in Pink

Note to Readers:
Happy Awards Season! You know I love seeing what is worn on the Red Carpet. I am pretty sleepy right now, but I had to put in my two cents about a couple of the Golden Globe looks before my head hits the pillow. After looking through the photos, I have so much to say, so I am breaking it up into a few different categories. Let's start with one of the most prevalent colors on the runway... shades of pink.

Note to Emily Blunt:
This shade of pink is perfect with your dark hair and light eyes. Dolce & Gabbana did an excellent job with this tulle and chiffon creation. Maybe you should consider being unconventional and wearing a pink-hued wedding dress? The silhouette and construction of the bodice is perfection, and I love the ethereal effect of the fabric on the skirt. You may not have won tonight, but you were definitely a winner on the red carpet.

Note to Diane Kruger:
Way to stand out! This is a brighter and more heightened hue of pink than a lot of women wore to the awards ceremony tonight, and I like it. This Christian Lacroix gown is unique, but not so different that you look like you are some kind of science project (a la Bjork's swan dress). You are not a stranger to making daring fashion choices, and I appreciate it. I know that you won't be boring us with a string of black dresses, so again, thank you.

Note to Nicole Kidman:
Your peachy/pink Nina Ricci gown leaves me a bit confused. I like parts of it. The color is pretty on your alabaster skin. I like the asymmetrical sleeve embellishments. It looks like there are satin covered buttons on the side, which are a nice touch. I even like the draping and the bows. The problem is I just don't like them all together. Where was Tim Gunn with his editing eye when you needed him? Also, I can't decide how I feel about the fabric. Is it pretty and elegant or is it too much like a prom or bridesmaid dress nightmare?

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