Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Note to Emma Watson:
The Spring/Summer 2010 Burberry Campaign was just released, and I am OBSESSED with your lilac coat. The sleeves are TDF (to die for), and the color is perfectly pretty for spring. I hope you got to keep the coat. You will definitely be the best dressed girl on campus in that number.

Note to Readers:
Usually I like it when actresses stick to acting and models stick to modeling. There are a few exceptions though, I love seeing Ellen Degeneres in the cover girl ads (but I think that is just because I love Ellen, she is so funny). This is Emma Watson's second round of Burberry ads, and I have liked both of them so far. What do you think about models and actresses crossing over into each others' territory?


Erin Spenc said...

I think she is great as a model. So pretty.

Meg Webb said...

I think yes to the whole actresses/modeling thing. Mainly because I want to be an actress, and so therefore, I would want to model as well. However, I suppose it bothers me when it's done sometimes. For some reason I really dislike the fact that Lily Allen is with Chanel. (that lavender colour is positively prime!)

Suzanne said...

I didn't even recognize her and then I had to figure out who emma watson is. I loved the ad and that coat is amazing I could see you in that. I guess Hermione is all grown up. love suzanne