Monday, June 21, 2010

What's Better than a Wedding?

A Royal Wedding!!!
Note to Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria:
Congrats on your big day Saturday! I hope that you are off enjoying a perfect honeymoon somewhere with your new husband. I love the simplicity in the design of your shoulder-bearing Par Engsheden wedding gown. I think it was wise to go with a sophisticated and sleek design, considering the lengthy train of your dress. Also, I like that your dress was subtly sexy but not overtly revealing. Something about a royal wedding with a backless or cleavage bearing gown does not quite fit. The best thing you wore on your wedding day, besides your killer tiara, is your radiant smile.

PS. I LOVE that your husband wore his glasses on your wedding day. Very GQ, if you ask me.

Note to Readers:
As I am looking through the photos of the guests at this wedding, I can't help but feel a little bit envious of the tiaras, adorning many of the womens' heads. I wonder if the tiara-less guests felt inferior to those wearing the tiaras. If I were invited, I might wear one regardless of status. Do you really think that someone would have the audacity to ask me if I was really a princess or queen of somewhere? If they did, and I honestly replied, do you think I would be asked to remove it?

Hmmmm.... I guess I am a little rusty on my Royal Wedding etiquette.

Want to know more about this wedding, or see more photos? Please click here. (I like the coverage of the wedding best on that site.


nicole me oh my! said...

agreed, i always LOVE a groom in glasses!

Terri said...

who are they and where are the other pics? You got me interested.

Terri said...

okay where are the rest of the pictures and who is that lady anyway?