Monday, June 7, 2010

Gwyneth Does it Again...

Note to Gwyneth:
How do you do it? The red carpet at the CFDA awards was a tough line up to compete with, but you definitely were a standout. You keep looking better and better, and you looked amazing to begin with. I love that you can change your look a lot (going from a sophisticated suit, to an ethereal white gown, to looking downtown chic in jeans, to bohemian in your casual clothes) but you never look anything less than elegant and classy.

Le sigh. I love the not so basic black Michael Kors dress, with the sleek ponytail and bronzed skin. No wonder your husband writes such amazing songs, you are quite a muse!

Note to Readers:
Am I beginning to sound like a broken record with my Gwen praises? If I am, I apologize, but if she keeps looking incredible I don't see the praise stopping anytime soon.

Who are your fashion goddesses?


Katherine Fajen said...


Lauren said...

I agree with Katherine. You are pretty stunning. But I too just really really really love Gwyneth.

Bridget said...

gwyneth is one of them- i have thought she was STUNN ING for a long time now- even in her short matching hair w/ brad stage.