Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ungaro Debacle

Note to Readers:
A lot has been said recently about the Ungaro SP/SU 2010 show in Paris. Mostly bad reviews about the collection, and when I say bad really I should be saying scathing. Each story begins with how Lindsay Lohan, who was recently appointed artistic director at Ungaro, was at least partially responsible for the terrible collection.

I think the main reason the show had so much press is because of Lohan's involvement, and people couldn't wait to attack "her" collection. Honestly though, it's not like Lindsay even did much for the collection. She arrived in Paris a few days before the show, and the preparations happen for months before a show.

Yes, the collection was bad, but I think the hilarious part is that people think that Lohan had something to do with it. Unless the collection was made up of leggings and bleach blonde extensions that are two feet too long, I don't think Lindsay did anything except invite people to the show and take a bow at the end of it.

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