Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New York Fashion Week Part II

Betsey Johnson (right) dancing onstage with models

Note to Betsey Johnson:
Your presentation at the Plaza Hotel was flirty, fun and completely Betsey! Instead of having the models just standing on the stage as breathing mannequins, you had your models dancing to the live band. It was refreshing and the presentation had an amazing energy and atmosphere. The clothes were bold, the make up and hair were over the top, but what else did we expect from you? I loved it. If only there were enough gift bags... le sigh.

Note to Readers:
Betsey Johnson definitely knows how to throw a party. The Plaza Hotel lost it usual pretentious atmosphere and turned into the hot spot for the young, fashionable and fun-loving crowd. I wish my pictures did the presentation justice, it was hard to get good photos of the models as they were dancing around the stage. I took a few videos, and to try to show you how fun this presentation really was.

The collection was filled with fun party dresses, bold prints and the occasional bodysuit. The collection, like the presentation was utterly Betsey. To see more photos of the presentation and to read the review from, please click here.

Models on stage
Betsey Johnson, right after she literally bumped into me. It was a personal highlight to LITERALLY rub elbows with the designer.

Betsey dancing onstage with the models. Her moves aren't bad, although I think the hug lasted a little too long for her comfort.

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