Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Bachelorette

Note to Jillian:
You are darling. I loved your style last season on The Bachelor (except for the Uggs), and now on The Bachelorette your style has taken center stage. The white dress you wore on the premiere looked amazing on you. Last night your swimsuit with the yellow coverup and fedora, I want the whole ensemble! I am looking forward to a fashionable season.

PS. Get rid of the foot fetish guy, he is beyond creepy.

Note to Readers:
Calling all petite body types! While you watch The Bachelorette notice how Jillian's clothing is in perfect proportion to her petite frame. She wears all different lengths, but she never wears anything that overwhelms her tiny body. She knows what styles work for her figure, and sticks to them. For example strapless dresses are a nice fit on her small bust, so she favors this style. Also short shorts work better on her than knee-length ones. Knee-length shorts would hit her legs at the wrong spot and make her legs look shorter, as opposed to short shorts that elongate her legs. So my petite friends, when looking for a good example of what to wear look to my girl Jill.

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ben said...

I love it, and I have to agree with you, Jillian is doing a lot of stuff right, kind of like fashion noted.